Do I Have to Stimulate My Baby for Every Waking Moment?

New parents quickly learn that “eat, play, sleep” is the broad structure that should guide a newborn’s days.   I have already discussed eating and sleeping, which are two sides of the same coin, because playing with a baby is not really possible in the first eight-ish weeks.  Not only are babies that young hardly interactive, […]

The Diaper Genie Complete Versus the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

We have used two trash cans for diapers, the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete and the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail.  The former was chosen by my in-laws for when we stayed with them for three weeks after the baby’s birth, and the latter is what we chose for our home based on Wirecutter’s recommendation.  Overall, they […]

How to Clean Bottles and Breast Pump Equipment

If you have had to use a breast pump, you have also had to clean its parts.  If you cleaned the parts, you probably did so after each pumping session, which is what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and many evidence-based websites recommend.  Cleaning requires, at a minimum, rinsing with soap and water, though […]

What I Read, 2021 Edition

This writing distresses because Lepore is a very strong writer. I can therefore only conclude this book is a mixture of a rushed job and very poor editing, once the author and editor realized it should not have been a book. 2. The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. […]

Who I Saw, 2021 Edition

I did not start writing this post until April because of Covid. Covid means much less being outside, so many fewer opportunities to see people. Mei Lin. We finally were able to order the Szechuan fried chicken from Daybird, Mei Lin’s casual new place. This is the Mei Lin of Top Chef who then opened […]

How To Enable Google APIs for API Key

Google may still claim not to do evil. They should also try not to be obtuse as well. I wanted to get the longitude and latitude of a few hundred cities, which is straightforward using ggmaps and Google’s geocoding API. (I tried Geonames but never received the new account confirmation e-mail. It did not go […]