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The Lazy Way Around Updating my gcc Compiler

Today, I need to launch a new AWS EC2 instance to collect some more tweets.  Since I have done this several times, I used my AWS console to replicate the most recent instance I created that collects tweets.  Everything ran smoothly until I tried to install streamR, my go to library for collecting tweets in […]

Proper Handling of Exceptions in Python

With some free time on my hands, I sat down to update my code that extracts tweets from my tweet collection based on user-supplied keywords or locations.  In doing that, however, I ended up making a major improvement, one that should have existed from day one. You see, simply trying to read a file of […]

Assigning the Correct Time to a Tweet

When Twitter provides a tweet, the ‘created_at’ field provides a timestamp for when the tweet was authored.  This timestamp is useful, but it cannot be used right away because it is in Greenwich Mean Time.  Unless the tweet happens to have come from that timezone, its time needs to be adjusted to account for this discrepancy. […]

Twitter Descriptive Statistics, Part 2, Or: Let’s Use Twitter to Study Antarctica

The chart below replicates the data presented in my earlier post about Twitter but ranked by accounts per million inhabitants. Antarctica, of course, does not really have the greatest number of accounts per capita.  In this sample, however, Twitter identified 4 tweets from there, and Antarctica has a population of 0, as do the 2nd […]

Twitter Descriptive Statistics, Part 1

How many followers does the average Twitter user have?  How many accounts does the average Twitter account follow?  How many times has the average account tweeted?  What about the median?  These questions seem simple, but it is not easy to find answers to them.  Twitter only discloses how many monthly active users exist, and other […]