Who I Saw, 2019 Edition

  1. Tim Gunn (April 2019) – My wife always raves about the celebrities she saw while a student in NYC, so I was cautiously optimistic during a weekend we spent there.  While we did not see anyone in the Village, we did cross paths with Tim Gunn as we walked from Levain Bakery to the Museum of Natural History.  It was a Sunday afternoon and this was man was overdressed in a pinstripe suit and accompany umbrella, so I thought he must be from the Upper East Side.  As I turned to tell my wife that quip, I could tell from her expression that it was someone famous.  As we talked past a group of squealing people, I could tell from their expressions that it was someone famous.  It was Tim Gunn.  Though his identity sort of makes up for his attire, I still maintain he was overdressed.
  2. Nora Lum (May 2019) – Otherwise known as Awkwafina, I saw her at a screening of her upcoming film The Farewell at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.  Sort of cheating, but whatever.  I also saw one of my Cross Fit coaches there, but she’s not (yet) famous.
  3. David Choe (September 2019) – David Choe is a street artist who is probably known by people who know art but known by me as the artist who appeared in the Los Angeles episode of Parts Unknown.  (I believe he took Bourdain to a Sizzler, and I’ve wanted to go ever since.)  The siting was at Ali Wong’s show at The Wiltern.  He was above five or six rows in front and to the right of us.  Very noticeable clothes.
  4. Marc Evan Jackson (September 2019) – My wife, a friend, and I had brunch with(in the same restaurant as) Marc Evan Jackson the morning after seeing David Choe.  The place was Here’s Looking at You, the time was about 11 a.m., and I am especially proud of having recognized him before Jessica.  Seems much nicer in person than on the show.

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