Who I Saw, 2021 Edition

I did not start writing this post until April because of Covid. Covid means much less being outside, so many fewer opportunities to see people.

  1. Mei Lin. We finally were able to order the Szechuan fried chicken from Daybird, Mei Lin’s casual new place. This is the Mei Lin of Top Chef who then opened Nightshade in the Arts District and has an innovative mapo tofu lasagna. So she was working on paperwork or something. Still closed to indoor dining. I suppose this is sort of a cheat sighting, but that’s okay because it’s still Covid time and you have to celebrate your victories. JUNE UPDATE: She was at Night + Market Song with Top Chef alumna just after we were; we know because of Instagram.
  2. Metta World Peace’s Jeep. My wife and I saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee whose license plate was “METTAWP” on the 101-N around Sherman Oaks. I’ll take it!
  3. Vella Lovell. Vella is best known as Heather, the best friend of the main character in Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Though I know her from that show because my wife has watched it so many times, I best remember her as Mikaela from Mr. Mayor, the chief of staff to Ted Danson’s mayor. Anyway, I actually did not see her because my back was turned to the gelato shop she came out of. My wife did and could not maintain our conversation, but I’ll take it for this list. Hoorary for not staying in.
  4. Brooklyn Beckham. Brooklyn is best known as the son of Victoria Beckham and an athlete guy, David. And we were at the Silver Lake Erewhon, so it makes perfect sense that someone named Brooklyn would be there. I actually did not see him, my wife did. She has really good face memory and heard a British accent. I’m guessing that my eyes crossed over him at some point.

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